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Panasonic Cordless Phone


  • Quickly see who’s calling with 1.6″ amber backlit display
  • Dial easily in any light with illuminated handset keypad
  • Eliminate unwanted calls with Call Block capability
  • Program handset to ring or not with Silent Mode
  • Lower handset power consumption with Intelligent Eco Mode

Large, 1.6″ Amber Backlit Handset Display
See who’s calling at a glance on our wide, 1.6-inch LCD screen.

Illuminated Handset Keypad
Lighted handset keypad allows for easy dialing in darkened rooms.

Call Block
Allows the user to block unwanted calls by entering Caller ID info into the phone’s call block memory.

Silent Mode
Allows the user to program individual handsets to ring or remain silent for specified time periods without affecting other handsets.

Intelligent Eco Mode
This feature automatically lowers the power consumption when you’re using the handset close to the base unit. Not only does it extend the available talk time, it’s good for the environment. When less power is used by the handset to communicate with the base unit, battery life is prolonged which results in less frequent charging and can result in fewer batteries in landfills.