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KDC-152 In-Dash MP3/WMA CD Receiver


FL Display, Single Preout With Low-Pass Filter Wireless, Front AUX Input and Remote control easily controls volume levels, 

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Front AUX Input – The 3.5 mm stereo input jack found on the front of the receiver allows the connection of any audio device with a headphone jack or other type of AUX output.  Music from the connected device can be heard through the vehicle’s speaker system when AUX is selected as the source.  Its most commonly used to connect MP3 players and other portable audio devices.

FL Display – The bright 1-line display makes it easy to see the text information when navigating the menu, your iPod or music content.  

Single Preout With Low-Pass Filter – A low-pass filter allows the outgoing signal to a connected amplifier to filter out midrange and high frequencies. This is useful for amplifiers powering subwoofers as it keeps damaging mid and high frequencies from being amplified and passed through to a speaker designed to handle only low frequencies.

Remote Control – This wireless remote control easily controls volume levels, switch music sources or select your favorite tracks with the numeric access keys.