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Wagan 900Amp Jump Starter with Compressor


900 Amp Battery Jumper
Wagan Tech’s 900 Amp Battery Jumper is a time tested, powerful, all-in-one device. With an on-board Air compressor, Battery Jumper, Work light, and DC Socket, the 900 Amp Battery Jumper can help you with most of your roadside emergency repairs.

Quick List of Features

  • 260 PSI Air Compressor
  • DC Power outlet
  • Jumpstarter with cables
  • Worklight
  • Battery Voltmeter (LED Lights)
  • Charging Jack
  • Built-in Safety Features

*When using the optional solar panel to charge Power Dome® or Battery Jumper units, you must unplug the panel immediately after charge has reached 100% in order to prevent over-charging of device.

**No device can revive a fully discharged or damaged battery.


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